Board and Training or In-Home Training?

Board and Train is a popular type of dog training program. It is like sending your fur child to boarding school for several weeks to get schooled in obedience, behavior modification, or aggression rehabilitation (all trainers and their programs vary on a case-by-case basis). Once school is over, you get to pick your dog up, fully trained! It sounds like a dream, almost like a vacation from your wild child, but your kid is getting an education while you get to relax and focus more on yourself! 

Our Richmond dog training programs train both dogs and their owners.

Our in-home training will build the bond between dog and owner.

In-home training, which is what all my Richmond dog training programs are, is about starting the training in the home, with the owner. Most in-home programs will work toward working with the dog outside of the house, to put them in real world situations with real world distractions. In-home training keeps owners involved in the training process, which requires more time and commitment from the owner.

My Richmond dog training is in-home because I WANT owners to be part of their dog’s behavioral progress and success. I want the owners to find the joy and knowledge of being capable handlers and teachers for their dogs. Board and Train will usually give owner’s follow-up instructions once the dog comes home, but I’ve worked with many people that tried these programs in the past, and many times there is a disconnect between the owner and the dog’s training, even with homework and post-training advice. When it comes to pricing, in-home dog training might sometimes seem steep, Board and Train is often more expensive, due to the daily care the trainer must give to their dog while they have them in their custody.

This is not to say Board and Train cannot work – it has worked for some people and their dogs. However, with my in-home dog training, not only do I help owners learn the training and maintain the consistency of the training, I also set it up where they cannot lose. My in-home dog training is commitment and results-based, meaning that as long as they stay the course, owners will receive nonbonding commitment from me as the trainer, until we reach their training goals!

If you want to learn how to combat your dog’s behavior problems and be set up for a lifetime of success, call me at 800-649-7297. We’ll work with your dog together, and create the best training plan best suited for both you and your dog!