Richmond Dog Training Blog on Hyperactivity

A happy, energetic dog is a joy to watch and can show people what it really looks like to have fun and enjoy the moment. You would think by the twentieth throw of the ball your dog would be tired and bored, but alas, they’d like you to throw the ball just once more (and then once more after that). Dog’s need their exercise as it is an essential part of both their physical and mental health.

Dogs can get mental stimulation with our Richmond dog training programs!Sometimes a dog’s excited behavior doesn’t end after play time and encompasses many areas of their life, this is sometimes called hyperactivity. Some symptoms of hyperactivity are excessive pacing, jumping, barking or licking. Some of these dogs always seem to be in a state of excitement and the issues they cause are often byproducts of their hyperactivity, like items being broken accidentally because of play getting out of control.

The answer to calming these dogs down is to add some structure and purpose to their lives with in-home training. James River Dog Training’s in-home training utilizes a 27 year old method that give dogs what they crave: the structure they are instinctually in need of as a pack animal. Dogs without a leader are just guessing what they should do and Hint: Dogs are good guessers. We teach your dog about boundaries and respect for people and things that need to be respected. We use a rewards-based method so that they’re set up to succeed in their journey to a calmer, more purposeful future.

It truly is enjoyable to watch a happy dog playing and enjoying itself, but when that energy bleeds into other areas of life and it seems like they’re out of control it can be immensely frustrating. Usually, once the dog is trained in basic obedience, all of the problems associated with hyperactivity fade away because of their restructured life. James River Dog Training offers in-home training as well as programs for puppies and aggressive dogs.

Let’s get started on the path to structure, peace and harmony. We have an office staff standing by at 800.649.7297 that will be happy to listen to your story and help you figure out what kind of training your dog needs. You can also send us email us using our contact form.