What are the Common Signs of Separation Anxiety?

When it comes to separation anxiety, it can happen to any dog, no matter what the breed. However, there are a few breeds that are more prone to separation anxiety such as Beagles, Hounds, Weimaraners, etc.

There are a few tell-tale signs of separation anxiety. Keep in mind dogs may show some, or all of the signs:

  • dog training down stayBarking, Howling, Whining – dogs or puppies usually start off with barking, howling, or whining when left alone. This will happen whether you are home and just leave the room, or when you are not home at all.
  • Urinating/Defecating – dogs or puppies will use the bathroom in the house, or in the crate. This is a sign that they are extremely stressed and worked up, especially if you know they are housebroken and yet they still use the bathroom in the house.
  • Digging, Chewing, Destructive Behavior – this is generally the most severe of the three signs. Dogs or puppies will either try to escape the crate, or chew at doors, windows, or curtains/blinds. This is the worse of the three, because dog’s usually hurt themselves doing this, and they tend to cost expensive damage to the home/property.

Separation anxiety can become very severe if not corrected right away. This is because it is an anxiety-based issue, the anxiety only worsens. If your dog shows any of these signs, please address it now before it gets worse.

While separation anxiety can be very frustrating for owners, it can be corrected, but you must be patient with your dog because it does take time. Keep in mind your dog is not doing these things to be a “bad dog” they are doing it out of fear, stress and overall anxiety. They are not in a happy state of mind when this happens.

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