We are successful, veterinary-recommended dog trainers who serve the communities of the Richmond, VA. area, including, but not limited to, Midlothian, Short Pump and Glen Allen. Our in-home dog training programs are appropriate for dogs of all ages, all breeds, and all temperaments.


James River Dog Training remains committed to helping your dog and your family with any training needs and issues that arise in these challenging times. We offer comprehensive training packages, either in-person, in compliance with CDC protocols, as well as online and telephone consultations and support. Our staff stands ready to take your call and discuss your training needs.

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James River Dog Training of Richmond routinely works with dogs suffering from severe behavior issues, including aggressive dogs, and dogs with separation issues. We also provide puppy training for young puppies, and basic obedience and manners for dogs of all ages. In all cases, we are professionals. We understand how to resolve dog behavior issues, why they occur in the first place, and of course how to prevent them. It is never too early – or too late – for professional training.


Behaviors we address:

  • Aggression (all forms)
  • Separation Anxiety
  • Housebreaking/Marking
  • Crate Training
  • Leash Pulling
  • Basic Obedience
  • Puppy Training
  • Jumping
  • Recall
  • Off Leash Training
  • and more!

Rescues Need Love and Structure, Not Coddling & Enabling

Rescues Need Love and Structure, Not Coddling & Enabling It’s hard not to coddle a rescue dog. Some of them prior to adoption have dealt with pitiful lives filled with brutal neglect and abuse. Some have lived in shelters since they were born. Many rescue dogs,...

Training Owners in Dog Training

Training Owners in Dog Training With our Richmond dog training, we work with your dogs and formulate training plans that addresses your dogs' individual needs and behavioral problem. The owner's training goals are a big part of this training plan, as well, as the...

Distraction Training For Your Dog

Distraction Training For Your Dog Many owners can teach their dog the basic commands and manners that are necessary for a behaviorally balanced life. The biggest struggle most of the time is getting the dogs to follow through with these commands when they are...

Reward-Based, In-home Training Programs

James River Dog Training takes pride in providing reward-based, results-driven dog training using the most efficient methods. We are careful to stay current on recent dog training methods, dog training news, and case studies.

Best of all, James River Dog Training gets to know you, as the owner, too. Sure, we’re “dog people,” but that doesn’t mean our people skills are lacking! As fellow dog-lovers, we understand the importance of a good relationship with your dog, and our goal is to enhance that relationship through dog training. Our training is truly “monumental” because not only do we get the job done, we strengthen the bond between you and your dog in the process.

Commitment Based Training in Richmond VA

If you’re looking to resolve your dog’s behavior issues (big or small), we can help! Each day we receive calls from dog owners who’ve been told by other dog trainers that their dog is “beyond help.” We beg to differ. After talking with you, our first step is to come out to your home and meet both you and your dog. We’ll do a thorough evaluation of your dog, we’ll get to know both you and your dog, and then we’ll put together a dog training program that works for you both!

To talk with us about your dog’s situation, please call us at 804.412.6003, or email us using our contact form. We can’t wait to hear from you!

Service Areas:

Richmond and surrounding areas

Office Hours:

Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm EST.

Training Hours:

Weekdays, Weeknights & Weekends by appointment only. 

We accept cash, check or credit cards. 

Pat is certified by Canine Trade Group – School for Professional Dog Trainers.