Monumental Dog Training for Dogs and their People!

What good is dog training if you don’t get results? We believe strongly in creating lasting behavioral change, and so all of our dog training programs include what we call “commitment-based dog training.” This means we will commit to working with each client until their dog training goals are reached!

Dog Training for Behavior Problems – Anxiety, Aggression & More!

Dog behavior problems like anxiety, aggression, hyperactivity, and fearful behavior can have a severe impact on the dog’s quality of life, as well as the dog’s relationship to his/her human family. Often times these families are told there is no help for their dog – either they must “manage” the problem, give the dog away, or have the dog euthanized.

These judgements are often made without even meeting the dog in question, and certainly without a full evaluation of the dog in its home environment. The truth is, so many factors can affect a serious dog behavior problem. Rarely is a problem like aggression a stand-alone issue. There are so many variables – that’s why an assessment and judgement over the phone is simply irresponsible!

This is why James River Dog Training is careful to evaluate and observe all dogs in their home environment before beginning any training, or making any judgement calls. During this initial consultation, we’ll also get to know the dog’s family, both human and canine. We’ll get to know what your lifestyle is like, what your preferences are, and the goals you have for your dog. This way, if we decide to work together, we can design a dog training plan that not only meets your dog’s needs, but that is realistic for you and your family!

Even if your dog doesn’t have a “major” issue like aggression or anxiety, it is still important to seek help. Behavior problems like inappropriate greeting behavior, leash pulling, bolting out the front door, excessive chewing, digging, “choosing” not to listen to you, counter-surfing, etc., can have a HUGE impact on your dog’s quality of life! It can also impact your relationship with your dog, and most importantly, these behavior problems can be a major safety issue.

Don’t feel like you have to have a “major” problem in order to seek help! James River Dog Training incorporates RELIABLE obedience into ALL of our dog training programs, regardless of the issue. That’s how important we think the “minor” stuff actually is!

Puppy Training: The Key to Preventing Behavior Problems!

Quality, professional puppy training can work MIRACLES as far as preventing behavior problems later in life. You can never be too careful to start out on the right foot, and to teach your puppy the right behaviors from the get-go! James River Dog Training works with both puppies that are new to the home, as well as puppies who have been there for a while. If your puppy has been with you for a while and you’re afraid you got off to the wrong start, don’t sweat it – we can help!

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