Monumental Puppy Training!

Just got a puppy? Great! Time to start with puppy training. James River Dog Training offers a comprehensive puppy training program to give you and your puppy all the information you need for behavioral wellness. Unlike popular in-store programs, your puppy training program won’t be taught by a novice dog trainer – you’ll receive the same professional help that adult dogs receive!

Why start with puppy training so early?

It’s important to start with puppy training right away because a dog’s critical period of development is between 8 and 16 weeks. It’s important to introduce certain experiences during this time, and to wait to introduce other experiences.

We’ll teach you how to best communicate with your puppy at this point in his/her development, and you’ll learn what exactly you want to teach your puppy at this point. We’ll also explain what to expect from your puppy’s behavior as they grow and mature, and how to adjust for that.

Prevent behavior problems before they start!

Although our puppy training programs make life much easier while you’re raising a puppy, the biggest advantage to our puppy training program is the behavior problems you can prevent later on.

Every day, we talk with dog owners who are calling for help with their dog’s behavior issues. We come out to their home, and during the initial consultation, we often discover that the problems they’re experiencing are the result of well-meaning, but inappropriate, puppy rearing philosophies. Behavior problems also commonly result from bad experiences during puppy socialization, and ill-fitting advice from novice puppy trainers.

What about socialization?

Socialization is a subject that receives a lot of hype these days. The truth is, yes, there is a time and a place to introduce certain social experiences. It’s not quite that simple though. Bad experiences during this time weigh just as heavily as good experiences, if not more so. That’s why it’s important to socialize¬†properly. Our professional dog trainers will give you QUALITY socialization tips, advice, and strategies to make sure you avoid any bad experiences!


Ready to embark on your puppy training adventure?

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