James River Dog Training – Success is Typical!!

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If you’re struggling with behavior issues with your dog, please know that you don’t have to struggle forever. We can help! Please contact us at 804.412.6003 or send us a message using our contact form. We are happy to talk with you about your dog’s situation, and about how James River Dog Training can help. 

We just “finished” our in house training with Pat and our strong willed German Shepherd female puppy. What a difference he made in our and her lives. She was injured during training at Pawcienda (no one will admit it) and we were skeptical but she is extremely bright and energetic. She now follows commands about 85% of the time and is a happier dog with structure. We are still working on some issues but know we can call Pat at any time for guidance. He truly is the dog whisperer and worth every penny. He comes to you so the dog is comfortable in his or her environment and his sessions are brief and to the point along with the training manual he leaves you with. THANK YOU Pat for giving u a dog we can manage and who seems happier to have the structure.

Judy Z.

I cannot say enough good things about Pat and his effectiveness in training us to train our puppy. The key really in training us and not just having him train the puppy that makes his whole approach work and work quickly. This is really about getting out of it what YOU put into it. Pat is extremely knowledge about how dogs learn and the relationship between you and your dog. He was always available to us, always on time and extremely patient. I would recommend him to anyone who wants a better relationship with your dog….that is what creates a well behaved canine!!

Kelly V.

Pat makes what would seem to most dog owners like an overwhelming task and responsibility really simple. He tells you like it is, and that’s what we loved about him. He trains you how to work with your dog. We had amazing progress with our aggressive and separation anxiety prone 8 year old Shepard mix. We were always under the impression there was nothing we could do and old dogs can’t learn new tricks but came to James river dog training as a last resort after years of talking to other trainers and our vet. We should have started there first. Pat completely understood our dog and tailored training to what would work best for him. You as an owner have to be in it 100% and your dog will give that back to you in the end. Thanks Pat for everything!!

Katie B.

Pat was just what we needed. We were sadly at the point of considering having to look for another home for our 2 year old Lab. Pat was calm, thorough and patient, not only with our dog, Jeter, but with us!

Susan M.

Pat is such a wonderful dog trainer! He worked so well with my Red Nose Pit Toby! My dog’s behaviors where constant barking, jumping on people, VERY reactive on a leash, counter surfing, etc.! All those bad behaviors adapted as a puppy, amplified by a hyperactive breed! Pat did a great job helping us with Toby, by teaching us the philosophy of how dogs work, to the literal training techniques. When I walked Toby, he would bark and snarl at every dog, kid and person who walked by. Now? He can have people run by us, coming from behind, and he barely notices! Beyond that, Toby has improved so much in all the other areas. He is only a year old, and even with his puppy-nature, he still listens to commands! This training was a god send, and Pat was such an amazing teacher!

Katherine H.

Pat helped us train our puppy. He was knowledgeable, punctual and patient. His method of training really worked for us. He spent time explaining, demonstrating and teaching each lesson’s skill. If we had questions in between lessons, he was easily accessible and quick to respond.

Melinda S.

James River Dog Training has taught us so much about training and how to take steps to improve our dog’s behavior. Our German Shepherd puppy was showing reactivity after moving into a new place and surrounded by new dogs. Pat is so friendly and lead us successfully through each of the training steps. The reason we chose JRDT was because of their guarantee for the life span of the dog. As a worry-wart, we reached out to Pat after the initial training was complete, but his immediate response to our concerns was very appreciated. Everyone around our neighborhood has taken notice of how our dog has improved, and we couldn’t have done it without James River Dog Training! Thank you!

Lauren A.

Excellent training. Clearly know what they are doing and obviously love dogs!

Karen G.

Pat was fantastic. My great dane had separation anxiety and was not potty trained. After learning from Pat, mya and I are now a family, happy and working together. She is potty trained now and no longer reactive when i have to run to the store. So thankful for all the help and guidance

Molly K.