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Dog Training for New Parents in Richmond, VA!

If you are a dog owner thinking about becoming a parent in the near future, there’s a lot to think about, including on how your dog will react to a new baby. While dogs are known to be great with children, it can still be a gamble – how will the dog respond to you directing all the attention (that the dog was once receiving) to the baby? How will the dog behave when the baby is crawling around the floor? Will your dog be able to accept the idea of a new pack member in the home?

Cribs and Canines is here to soothe away any concerns parents may be having over their dogs and new babies. While still following a reward-based philosophy, Cribs and Canines is designed to prepare your dog for the arrival of the new baby, and also trains you as the owner/parent how to create a positive structure that your dog can follow, both before and after the baby comes into the picture.

Our Richmond, Virginia, dog trainer, Pat, will work with you to reach all your training goals for your dog, and will establish a solid curriculum that builds up obedience, focus, and recall. While instructing your dog how to be a well-mannered family member (ie: no jumping in the crib or on pregnant mom, no nipping at the baby, no chewing up the baby’s blankets or toys, etc), your dog will also become accustomed to the idea of the baby being present…before the baby is even there! Through real-life scenarios, such as walking well next to a stroller or showing impulse control when the owner is paying attention to the baby, Pat will work with you until you feel your family (human and canine) is comfortable, safe, and ready to move forward together!

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If you are also a current parent that is worried over their dog’s behavior toward your baby, we can still help you! For any questions on our Cribs and Canines training program, call us at 804.412.6003.